How do you like your steak? Do you prefer a chef or Caesar salad?

Steak. You never order a steak without a few questions from the server.
Q1: which cut would you like?
A1: Porterhouse/sirloin/ribeye/filet/etc
Q2: how would you like that cooked?
A2: rare/medium-rare/medium-well/charred/etc

Then there’s the salad.custom personalized salad
Lettuce type, dressings, toppings, size, etc. Some places offer a salad bar buffet for even more customization options. You want a concoction of kale, boiled egg, vinaigrette and shrimp? You got it! Radishes, sprouts, anchovies, and pulled pork? Um, whatever floats your boat. Just for fun, here are some helpful tips to get the most bang for your buck at the scrumptious Whole Foods salad bar, if you’re lucky to be near one, which we are.

Customized options are the beauty of the world we live in, and not something we should take for granted.  Both of the food items mentioned above can be produced in a way most desireable for each individual, which is the very definition of customization.

Your marketing strategy can be customized in the same way. Well, not necessarily with the mouth-watering food selection.


Custom SWAG

When it comes to branded merchandise, many people still assume that customized “swag” is just product with a logo dropped on it.

Nope. In fact, if that’s your impression, we should chat. There are SO many more options than that!

Here are just a few ways to make your SWAG more custom to your corporate culture:

  • Packaging: showcase your brand colors, corporate values, and/or tell your story on the outside of the box. It’s easier than ever to provide custom packaging, and within almost any budget.
  • Personalization: if you are able to run a report or gain access to a list of first and last names, add their names to the product along with your branding for an instant WOW factor.
  • Full Color Graphics: some products offer full color graphic capabilities printed on them, including photographs. Whether it showcases a collection of products that you offer, or just scenery that exemplifies your business, never underestimate the power of full color graphics on giveaways.
  • Textures: so many different decoration options: chisel, braille, 3D heat transfer, etc. Here is a quick snapshot of some creative apparel decoration techniques that we recommend.
  • NFC Technology: allows recipients to tap their phone on a logo and it will take recipients to a predetermined website through an embedded microchip. BONUS – update the URL with new information frequently in order to keep it fresh.
  • Themes: consider adding fun themes to events, and change it up for each event. We can help source products and graphics that fit your event theme for maximum engagement.

Bottom line: make it custom – not just for your corporate image, but for the recipients as well. Personalizing with names is a fantastic option for employee gifts. Don’t be afraid to customize your SWAG “menu” to different demographics – something for the guys, the gals, the kiddos, the millennials, the executives – most of our clients have a “promo closet” where they store items for last minute needs.

With that, on this 30th anniversary year of the infamous film, we leave you with Ms. Sally Albright, who wholeheartedly understands the art of customization.
(No, it’s not THAT clip – this one is acceptable for workplace viewing)