When we decided it was time for a rebrand, we didn’t just want to slap on a new coat of paint and call it a day. Sure, we jazzed up our look and spruced up the website, but what really kept us up at night was figuring out how to wow our clients even more. Because let’s face it, being just okay isn’t our style.

Watch as INM Director of Business Development, Amber Kotschi, walks you thru what to expect from our new and improved client experience that will focus on the following:

Speed and Responsiveness

We’ve streamlined our processes to ensure swift, responsive service without compromising quality or efficiency.

Practical Solutions

We’ve refocused our marketing content to prioritize everyday solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring relevance and lasting value.


We’ve refined our workflow to guarantee consistency on every project from concept to delivery.

Check out our roadmap below to learn more about what’s to come this year.

We know that change can seem overwhelming, but not to worry – we’re here to guide you to an even better experience with INM!