So your company has a milestone anniversary – what now? Celebrating a company anniversary is a great way to boost morale, share achievements and further relationships with clients and employees. Here are some ideas to celebrate important company anniversaries:

1. Start with a custom anniversary logo.
When you have the opportunity to celebrate a milestone – milk it! Utilize the anniversary logo all year long on everything branded (digital, print, promotional products, signage, etc.)

2. Share your achievements.
Don’t be modest, this is the time to brag on your company’s journey, accomplishments, and milestones! Consider creating a timeline or video montage showcasing key moments in the company’s history.

3. Throw a party.
What better way to celebrate than to organize a special event. This could be for clients, employees, the community or all of the above and can range from a formal dinner to a themed happy hour, whatever best fits your companies culture.

4. Acknowledge employees.
Company anniversaries aren’t possible without the hard work and dedication of their employees. Don’t miss this chance to recognize individuals by gifts and/or awards (just make sure the gifts or awards being given are useful and have a high perceived value).

5. Thank your customers.
Recognize and thank your customers for their loyalty and support. This can be as simple as sending personalized thank you notes or as robust as giving clients a branded gift. In both scenarios, don’t forget to capitalize on branding opportunities with the anniversary logo.

6. Give back to your community.
The third component of a company (hint, employees are the first and customers are the second). Organize a charity event or fundraiser, engage in a company-wide service day or make a donation o a local cause. While celebrating an anniversary, this also speaks to corporate social responsibility.

7. Most important, commemorate your anniversary year with custom, special merch! All of the ideas mentioned above can be elevated and brought to life through custom merch. Merch adds a tangible element to the anniversary and creates an emotional connection to the company.

Remember, no matter what you do, make sure your showing appreciation to the people that got you there and tailoring the celebration to your company and your people! Check out our latest Client Corner interview featuring our friends at CHRISTUS Health, where we discuss a recent employee appreciation project honoring CHRISTUS’ 25th Anniversary.