Between end of the year meetings and holiday social demands, we know December is always crazy busy! Our Director of Business Development, Amber Kotschi, has put together four important reminders to help you seamlessly wrap-up your year.

1. Don’t forget about employee and client gifting. While it might be too late for a holiday gift, we can easily help you pivot and create an exciting New Year gift.

2. Consider end of year budget dumps. If your fiscal year ends on December 31st and your company has a use it or loose it policy, let us help you intentionally spend those marketing dollars so that your budget doesn’t go to waste.

3. Don’t forget about January! If you have meetings and events coming up in the New Year, let’s plan ahead and get what you need ordered prior to turning on your holiday out of office message.

4. Let’s schedule a strategic planning meeting for 2023. We believe when promotional products are used strategically, they are the most effective and efficient way to enhance your brand. Let’s put some time on the calendar to discuss how INM can amplify your company in 2023!