Online Company Store… have you ever heard the term and wondered if your company needs one?

Here are three indicators that it’s time to talk:

  1. There is a lack of consistency in your branded merchandise* ordering, and every department and location seems to be marching to their own beat.
  2. There is a lot of rogue ordering – we all know the story… Janice in Accounting wants to get polo shirts for her team, so she goes down the street to “E for Embroidery” and places an order, but the problem is that the polo color isn’t in the company color palette, the logo format is incorrect, and the embroidery quality looks terrible.
  3. You are struggling to find the ROI and/or track spending toward your branded merchandise* budget.

Any of those ring a bell?

If so, here are some of the key benefits to a company store:

  • Ordering Efficiency – An online platform provides one centralized location to streamline how employees, departments and locations order these items.
  • Brand Management – You’ve worked hard and invested time and money building your brand. Utilizing an online company store’s logo selector and management approval tools ensure the correct product and logo will be used with every order. 
  • Spending Control – Permissions and budgets can be managed and controlled by setting up unique features for each employee. In addition, a trackable bottom line eliminates erroneous and excessive branded merchandise ordering.

* I’m assuming you know what we mean when we say “branded merchandise” since you’ve made it to our blog, but for kicks and giggles, we’re talking about hard goods with your company logo (in other words, promotional products, apparel, gifts, awards, etc.).

Ready for more? Send us a note and we’ll respond with our Discovery Questions to help you figure out what the right type of store is for you!