Most people toss an umbrella in the back seat or the trunk, grabbing it only to stay dry during the threat of rain.

But the umbrella was invented as way to block rays from the biggest bully of all…the sun.

It was called a parasol back then – “para” meaning shield, and “sol” meaning sun – and was made of delicate materials such as feathers or lace.

Just imagine the surprise and delight when they finally discovered it’s functionality didn’t end with blocking the sun.

Elizabeth: “Dear me, it’s raining cats and dogs! We’ll get drenched on the way to the theatre.”
John: “Fear not, my love. Perhaps this parasol may offer some sort of protection from the storm.”
Elizabeth: “Oh darling, you’ve saved the day…and my hair! My hero!”

Now, here we are hundreds of years later, and most of us have forgotten the intended use of the original parasol.

Except soccer parents.
Or gameday tailgaters…and outdoor event coordinators. They definitely appreciate the cooling properties of the shade.

It took one person to see the product from a different perspective.
To see another, nay a better solution.
To see it for more than it was originally intended.

That’s creativity.