Wait…did we say that out loud?
Sure did.

There are quite a few companies that still believe that an effective marketing strategy means simply dropping a logo on a bunch of items and calling it a day.

But the critical component is not really the logo.

It’s the story.

The real deal lies within the message that your branded product is intended to convey. One writer at Forbes provides three reasons why storytelling is the future of marketing. In our oh so humble opinion, she’s not wrong.

Is a logo still important?
Yes, of course! 150%. It ties your brand to the story.

From a merchandise perspective, there are so many product options available to allow true intentionality than ever before. Our team has become experts on building campaigns that intentionally utilize products and collections that help convey the message that the brand represents. Some brands are traditional and conservative while others seek to push the limits and get crazy.

Our friends at GatherRound have built their brand around storytelling and helping other businesses to develop compelling presentations that engage. It’s based on similar principle’s found in Donald Miller’s best selling book Building a Story Brand that provides a go-to playbook for anyone that truly understands that the customer’s story is the key to engagement.

Let’s not forget that the brand message begins on the inside: a strong brand is formed when employees live and breathe by their company story.

Here’s a great example of a HOT brand that has such a great story that they don’t need a fancy schmancy logo.

What’s YOUR brand’s story?