Our toddlers are coding electronics.
We’ve gone from a blizzardous Winter to a sopping Spring.
We are constantly connected to work through our devices.
You get it: the world we live in is constantly shifting.

There is also a pretty substantial shift taking place within the general corporate structure. No matter how great your product or service is, or how much success your company has experienced in its lifetime, it’s time to embrace the current trend: a more customer-centric focus.

It’s all about the client. What they want. What they need.

It’s no longer about your operations and how everything works on the inside. Skip that – the shift is how can you solve your client’s problems quickly.

The typical corporate business model was once centered entirely around internal operations and everything a company offers. The internal structure was the main focus, and competition was usually pretty fierce since it was such a broad concept. It’s what everyone was doing. So much so, that everyone basically became one and the same.

Sure, the internal corporate structure should always be the fuel that backs the company mission: the mission being a solution for the customer. But you see, the mission doesn’t really change. The structure, on the other hand, can be realigned to better serve today’s customer.

We’ve seen a huge shift toward the customer lately, and it’s proving to be a huge success. The customer experience is more vital than anything else. Millenials are a good example – they know what they want, and will move on if you don’t have it. They are impatient, to some extent, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Get to the point, and quickly – “the point” being the solution to their current need. Forbes calls it the blending of B2B and B2C, and lists 4 ways to embrace the shift.

Any successful business model must consider the targeted environment and communities and their greatest need. It’s all about the user experience, which is tied directly to the ability to fix their problems and make their lives easier – as seamlessly as possible. It’s no longer about what a business has to offer, it’s 100% about what the customer wants.

That shouldn’t be discouraging by any means – let it be more of a challenge…a lighted path to show you the way to a better future for your corporate vision.

In the promo industry, we’re seeing this transition all the time. Our clients don’t just want products with their logo dropped on them. They want creative solutions for their marketing vision. But that’s just music to our ears – because our values are built on creativity, not commodity.