Merriam-Webster claims that the first known use of the phrase “FOMO” was in 2004, but make no mistake – the concept has been a thing for much longer than that. And right now, it’s critical.

| fōmō |
A state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

Missing out on something fun and exciting can be devastating to the modern generation, especially with the continuous uprising of social media and influencer marketing. An influencer is someone who builds relationships on social media platforms through active engagement with potential buyers through their knowledge of and experience with a particular niche. People engage with influencers that inspire them individually, and ultimately feel compelled to follow them for fear of missing out on something spectacular.

These aren’t your typical paid-celebrity-endorsements of the 20th century.  Nope – these influencers research on their own and only endorse what meets their personal expectations. When you think about it, they are building their individual brand, so why would they promote anything that they don’t believe in?

FOMO and Your Brand

Similar to influencers, you most likely have brand ambassadors that are already proud of your brand – your employees. While we never suggest favoring one employee over another, you must be sure to empower the right employee to generate a positive buzz. Whether these employees are in Marketing, Sales, or Human Resources, remember to let them be social – just as long as you trust them to represent your brand well. They can be your biggest influencers, and the more they communicate with the outside world, the greater the results. They could post photos or videos of an important meeting, a fun corporate outing, tradeshow events, or….one of our favorites, branded giveaways.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create FOMO with your brand, one suggestion is to follow the footprints in retail. Product hype begins with celebrity influencers, who are usually the front-runners in retail fashion trends because they can afford the latest and greatest brands fresh off the runway. However, once the product makes is into mainstream retail space, that’s when FOMO really sets in. It’s exciting, new, and they don’t want to miss out on the hype.

FOMO in Promo

With promotional products, FOMO is centered around the experience and delivery of products. Our goal is to hear ” Where did you get that!? I WANT ONE!” or to see a group lining up at your booth or event. We want to draw them in to you – make ya look good. One thing we pride ourselves in is keeping up with the retail hype – from fidget spinners and PopSockets to fanny packs, bluetooth beanies and drones, we help you to capitalize on the latest trends and create FOMO with your brand!