If you’re in the marketing biz, you probably have a specific place to store your promotional giveaways. Sometimes it’s in a drawer, in a box under the desk, or possibly in a super secret storage closet. Others consider the products so valuable that they secure them behind locked doors.

Oh yeah, we appreciate knowing that these items are highly coveted.

No matter how you store them, you should definitely make sure you have some staple products available at any given moment.

  1. Table cover: If you’ve ever signed up for an event and forgot that you didn’t have a branded table cover, you know the importance of this one. It gives you the opportunity to present your company in a BOLD way so that you can stand out in on a ground full of other exhibitors. Full color graphics provide unlimited potential – take advantage of that. Oh, and table covers can double as a cape for your office superhero. How ’bout that?
  2. Clicky pens: There is a time and place for clicky pens, and your closet is a good place for them. But trust us…you can still get a quality pen on a budget. The best thing about those click sticks? They end up everywhere from the boardroom to the bunco table to the fantasy football party. We’ve got our favorite go-to’s: full color, rubberized, metal, multi-functional, light-up, fidget-spinner top, built-in screen cleaner, etc.
  3. Journal: It’s a blank canvas…literally. Perfect for onboarding team members as well as office meetings, but also for personal sketching, journaling and storytelling. Don’t be afraid to get creative by adding a full color tip-in page or doodle graphics on each page. Food for thought: we can add a dome logo on a journal that you can tap with your smartphone and it will pull up your website on the device. 
  4. Tshirt: A must for any closet. Yes, there are sizes to consider, but don’t let that hinder you. Consider a unisex soft blend tee, and only order 3 consecutive sizes (eg MD, LG, XL) that would fit about 80% of your target demographic.
  5. Drinkware: Because everyone drinks. Period. Whether a water bottle, travel tumbler, or ceramic mug – everyone appreciates having a fun tumbler or mug so they don’t have to keep buying them!
  6. Tote or Bag: Of course, to carry  any or all the above. These are lightweight, easy to store, easy to ship, and have many different uses.
  7. Executive Gift: Lastly, but certainly not the least important, is the c-level gift for a top client that drops in for an unscheduled visit, or for a new client as a “thank you” gift.

So….what’s in YOUR closet?