What’s a “good” budget?

Is it worth doing a promotional giveaway if I have a small budget?

Does a small budget mean we’re limited to clicky pens and stress balls?

We’re glad you asked!

The short answer is that even small budgets can create impactful engagement opportunities. The longer answer is that while any budget (well, almost any) can create an impact and connection to recipients, you can’t just slap a logo on any product and expect that to happen. It takes strategy and planning to accomplish these goals.

Because engagement has become such a hot topic in business from both an internal employee perspective and an external customer perspective, we wanted to share some easy ways to increase the ROI and perceived value of your promo spend. Check out a few of these ideas below:

  • Consider a gifting shop where individuals can go online to select their gift. Even if the items are $15 each, the ability to choose your gift based on what you want or need automatically creates a tailored experience and increases the level of appreciation felt by the recipient.
  • Get creative and utilize full color artwork! Using custom graphics gives products a unique look and feel, allows for special messaging to be incorporated, and provides an opportunity to copy retail design trends.
  • Add custom packaging, it’s worth it. The extra cost to create a custom box or add an insert card elevates the entire unboxing experience (don’t think this is a thing? Just go to YouTube and type in “unboxing”). Creating an unboxing experience also provides an opportunity to tie in a strategic social media campaign.
  • Use a specific theme or tagline to select products. While some people might think themes scream cheesy or kitschy, we think they provide an easy way to make seemingly random products come to life and connect on an emotional level.
  • Personalize when you can. So many products can now be decorated with a logo and individual name and just like the gifting shop mentioned above, gifting an item with the recipient’s name creates a more authentic and deeper sense of trust and appreciation.
  • Include an experiential element. Giving out drinkware? Add a coffee bar. Giving out t-shirts? Tie in a social media campaign encouraging individuals to post wearing the shirt. Any opportunity you have to tie in an experiential element with the tangible product will not only allow you to connect with your audience in a greater way but also bring the product to life!

We may be drinking the Kool-Aid because this is what we do, but we truly believe in the #powerofpromo. Reach out to Amber if you need help bringing any of these ideas to life for your brand.