Summer… the season where the sun is hotter and so are the branded merchandise opportunities. When possible, supplementing seasonal merchandise into your external and internal needs, is a great way to capitalize on trends and provide useful items with great brand exposure! Here are a few of our top summer-specific items and ways we’ve seen them used:

  1. Beach Towels – Who doesn’t love a good beach towel? Beach towels are like umbrellas, everyone needs to have one, but for some reason, we rarely go out and buy them for ourselves. Towels are also an amazing advertising opportunity with great branding real estate. We’ve seen these used in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular would be internal employee gifts.
  2. Koozies – Really… a Koozie, you say? Yep, Koozies have really evolved and now come in options like magnetic Koozies, pocket Koozies, and custom shape Koozies. They can also be easily decorated with full color, dye sublimation making the branding possibilities endless. Because of the low price point, Koozies are a great giveaway at events and trade shows, but make sure you take advantage of all the creative ways to make them unique.
  3. Coolers – From backpack coolers to hard-sided retro coolers, they are perfect for outdoor summer fun. With a large range of product options and prices (including popular retail brands and styles), these can be used for everything from inexpensive giveaways to high end clients gifts.
  4. Custom Flip Flops – How fun are these! Everyone needs a pair of rubber flip flops for the pool, beach or even backyard. There are lots of ways to customize flip flops from the straps to the bottom soles; we recommend using trending patterns with subtle logo design to give them a less-promo, more gift-y feel. These are great giveaways for summer events and parties.
  5. Insulated Drinkware – Gone are the days of your ice melting within 30 minutes of taking your drink outside. With the amazing insulation capabilities we now have, drinkware can keep your drinks colder longer (like 6-8 hours longer). While retail brands like YETI and RTIC still have the highest perceived value, alternative brands that utilize the same technology are great options at a lower price point. Drinkware is a perfect sales and business development giveaway tool… just add some custom packaging with a great message, and you’re all set!

You’ll see us spending our 4th using all of these fun ideas at whatever body of water is closest (it is Texas… and hot). Happy 4th of July!