Are you sitting down?

Get up…get up now. It’s time to take a break.

The great outdoors is beckoning, and in 2020, most people answered the call, even if the weather outside was a bit frightful (hot…cold…soaking wet…whatever).

The truth is, regardless of the current work environment, every single one of us needs at least a little bit of fresh air and exercise. If nothing else, it removes us from a stagnant sitting/standing position and forces us to walk away, only to return with a fresh perspective on the same project.

Location doesn’t matter.

Distance doesn’t matter. 

It’s actually proven to be way more productive for workers to take “mini breaks” throughout the day over sitting and staring at the same work environment from sun up to sun down.

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique?
Without getting too technical, it’s basically taking tiny little breaks in between fully-focused work, with 15 minutes breaks every couple of hours or so. It’s a thing…it keeps us from getting overwhelmed. 

Taking periodic breaks (along with time-blocking) can promote:

  • increased productivity
  • stress relief
  • fresh perspectives
  • healthier work habits

Here’s the gist: encouraging your team to get active and take small breaks periodically can help with mental fatigue, making them more productive. Wellness kits are the jam, and you can customize your own products and deliver them to your team to encourage them to stay healthy – physically as well as mentally.