This past year, our eyes were opened to so many things that should have been obvious all along:
covering a cough, washing hands, and wiping…well, obviously.

Still don’t understand that one.

In addition, all of the “close talkers” in the world were given boundaries.
Sad for them, yet an unspoken blessing for all of the introverts in the world.

We’ve learned these things and more, and frankly, we hope the precautionary measures that we’ve learned stick around for a while.

So for every branded merchandise campaign that you embark on, let us never lose sight of the importance of hygiene again.

Go ahead and add that little tube of sanitizer to every onboarding kit; that branded box of tissues to your WFH kit; some handcrafted soap in your client appreciation gift; a trendy branded face covering in your employee appreciation collection.

Those little germ-busting tools will always pair well with a t-shirt, cap, and drinkware set…and a glass of pinot.