The current healthcare pandemic has exposed us all to something in which we have no control. We are all very much aware of the medical impact, and from a business perspective, we’re grappling with unanticipated furloughs and financial distress.

But although difficult to see through the current chaos, amidst all of the struggle lies a tremendous opportunity for commerce.

An opportunity to re-evaluate our overall corporate mission, and emerge with an adjusted outlook on the business model as a whole.

One that is more resilient than it ever was before.


Resiliency Checklist

Whether you run a business that has unfortunately closed (temporarily) or you are an overwhelmed essential company, here are a few key elements to think about as the economy picks back up and you consider your plan of action in the next 365 days and beyond.


  • How have you adjusted your corporate social responsibility outlook?
  • Have you found a better way to relate to your clients?
  • What is your new adjusted big-picture goal?


  • What are some new ways you are connecting with your clients?
  • How are you bringing your teams together in a digital workplace?
  • Have you been able to step outside of your comfort zone and consider alternative concepts for growth and reach?


  • Do you have a mental wellness plan for your team?
  • Have you considered new work/life balance measures to incorporate into a future business model?
  • How can you ensure physical wellness with your team, since it’s directly correlated to a stronger mindset?


  • What new strategies have you discovered that are working better than before?
  • How have you saved money by eliminating expenses (excluding furloughed employees)?
  • How have you adjusted budgets to enhance your Marketing spend?


  • In what areas have you sharpened your focus?
  • How have you pushed through certain obstacles to come out successful?


Extreme change is inevitable

It’s here, and it’s not going away any time soon, so the best thing to do is embrace it and adjust to move with the tide. Here are a few of the changes and emerging trends we foresee in communities far and wide over the next year:

Working Remotely
Teams have learned how to collaborate from their individual home work environments, and it’s been amazing. With minimal overhead and variable work hours while eliminating commute times – what’s not to love?

We find ourselves jumping feet first in the digital world where there was once intimidation. It’s a requirement now, so more and more people are getting comfortable with it  – comfy clothes, messy buns, shaggy hair and all.

Diving into Technology
If you’ve been waiting for a good time to invest in digital platforms, the time is now. Well, it was actually yesterday, but it’s never too late to learn!

From video tutorials to vlogging current trends, it’s actually one of the cheapest ways to engage an audience, and it just keeps getting easier. In fact, studies show that 68% of Baby Boomers now own smartphones and 52% own tablets – and they are actually using them more now than ever before due to the fact that they are considered a “high-risk” population and are strongly encouraged to stay home.

Ordering online? Yes please.

No More Communal Items
Gone are the bulk pens at the front desk…and the candy jars, for that matter. We’ve lost a bit of trust in sharing, which means individually owned items are going to be highly coveted. Who wants to accidentally pick up someone else’s drink?

Now, more than ever, a majority of the population is going to be acutely aware of how many people have touched that signature pad at the grocery store, or the pin pad at the gas station.

Hmmm…we’re thinking there may be a slight resurgence of stylus pens.

Get Personal(ized)
Along with individuals toting around their own pens and drinkware, personalized items will become even more common, as people will want to keep track their own items to avoid contamination.

What’s in a name? A coffee mug without a name on it might still be a mug…but it’s so much sweeter with a name on it.

Changes in Workplace Environment
There will likely be a complete reversal of the previously popular condensed cubicle office space. Less doors, more open space, and more separation will be necessary to provide a sense of comfort as employees trickle back to their desk area.

What do you see in your future?

Time to grab that bull by the horns and get planning!