Programs are an efficient way to increase engagement, but why choose them over one-off ordering?

Glad you asked. Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits:

corporate merch programs

  • Brand consistency: One supplier honoring corporate brand guidelines
  • Workflow efficiency: Fulfillment, invoicing, product, delivery, inventory management
  • Strategic long-term planning and tracking of entire merchandise portfolio
  • Budget accuracy: The entire program is built around a budget, and is  maintained accordingly
  • Ease and convenience: Once it’s set up, you let go and let us manage everything
  • Reporting: Monthly sales reports and EOY analysis

These benefits are evident in many of the new programs mentioned in our previous post. For example, for those who are recruiting heavily, these programs can alleviate a ton of stress from one-off mailers by offering solutions throughout each step of the recruiting process.

Plan each step, from initial interview to the onboarding kit, and we can use our merchandise and fulfillment to accommodate those touch points throughout the entire hiring process.

After all that, there really is no need for a ‘promo closet’ anymore – which was likely lost in the 2020 office shuffle anyway. If you have more than 50 employees, then we have a program solution specific to your needs.


Stay tuned for our last segment to see a few corporate merchandise programs in action, and click here to go back to the first post in this series on the new definition of corporate programs.