We’ve discussed the new definition of corporate merchandise programs and the top 6 benefits they provide, so now let’s get to the fun stuff and take a peek at some examples of these new programs in action.



Credera, an all-inclusive consulting firm, found a way to physically connect with potential hires by sending a custom kit as an extension of the job offer. This program involved custom graphics, product ideation, and fulfillment of each kit.

corporate merch programs

Onboarding & Welcome

Benchmark Mortgage discovered a retail-inspired merchandise collection to welcome their new hires to the office, while Corgan kicked off their virtual internship program with new interns during a pandemic by utilizing a custom kit delivered to the recipient’s front door.

McKesson wanted a functional information kit to send new groups that signed on with their teams.

corporate merch programs

corporate merch programscorporate merch programs

Company Shops/Stores

When you want to offer a variety of merch options, the best option is to develop an online company store or shop. It’s easier than you might think, and the hardest part is done by the swag professionals (aka yours truly). Read more details through our online shops campaign, and compare options by clicking the link below.

corporate merch programs


In case you missed it, you can click here to visit the intro post in this series for more educational content on the current benefits of corporate merchandise programs.