The holiday season is officially upon us, and now is the time to initiate your corporate gifting strategy – whether investing in “gratitude gifts” in November or the traditional holiday gifts in December. Research shows that recipients of corporate gifts show an increased positive image of that company, which leads to longevity and greater retention in those corporate relationships. The key is to show clients that you care about them and that they are an integral part of your company. It’s emotional, in so many ways.


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Wait…before you go, be sure to check out these 5 quick and easy tips for curating memorable gifts:

  1. Relevancy. There should be intention behind the gift – it should be both appropriate and relevant to the receiver. This can be more challenging when dealing with a broad range of individual levels, but it’s important to consider who will be receiving the gift and let that determine whether it is practical, professional, commemorative, etc.
  2. Personality. The purpose of a gift is to show appreciation and enhance a relationship; so make sure the connotation associated with that gift is a positive representation of your company’s brand. According to the book, “Giftology“, dollar value given doesn’t always equate to loyalty gained. In fact, an expensive gift can actually portray laziness. A $1,500 bottle of wine and front row seats to the 18th hole at the nation’s largest golf tournament may show the recipient that there is no limit on corporate spend, but it doesn’t always give out warm fuzzies if the recipient doesn’t drink or play golf. The same principle applies when giving out cash or gift cards – they lack creativity, are impersonal, and don’t reinforce the values or personality of your company.
  3. Timing. Obviously December is the most popular gifting month, but don’t limit yourself (or individuals in your company) to only gifting during this season. Sometimes gifting for other reasons specific to the recipient can have a greater impact on the relationship. For example, take the time to know when your customer/client/employee has a birthday or work anniversary coming up or when there is a professional milestone (a large merger going through, moving to a new office building, a promotion), and use those events as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate.
  4. Packaging and Presentation. First impressions matter. Everyone loves the feeling of opening or unwrapping a gift, and that applies to corporate gifting also. Adding a special, customized package or even taking the time to gift wrap a present gives the gift a higher perceived value. Shipping or mailing packages is also a way to reduce any feelings of obligation on the part of the recipient, and it can provide some unexpected joy in a monotonous work day.
  5. Include Everyone. The most important thing you can do when giving gifts is to make sure you remember everyone (or don’t forget anyone). Don’t offer gifts to only certain team members. Your employees are likely to talk to one another and even clients/customers within certain industries or groups may talk with one another. A kind gesture meant with the best of intentions, may turn negative if someone feels slighted. You don’t want anyone to feel less important or forgotten.

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