Raise your hand if your marketing plan was developed with an increased ROI in mind.

Now raise your hand if your marketing plan requires you to order C.P.S. (cheap plastic….stuff) that will get tossed immediately.

[crickets chirping]

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not very realistic to think that the cheap stuff will generate much revenue. In full disclosure, there is absolutely a time and place for bargain clicky pens, and that can definitely be one aspect of your marketing plan – especially if coupled with a functional journal with a full color info page inside. But there is such a better way to use those marketing funds and get more for your $$.

What if you could invest in branded merchandise that had more meaning behind it? We’re talking about helping others that can’t help themselves – and it wouldn’t require any more of your time than just shopping for fun merchandise. It would be just one segment of a much bigger movement to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility both inside and outside the walls of the company.

Sound appealing? It does to us.

81% of millennials expect the company they work for to practice good citizenship. 

We partner with multiple factories that embrace CSR through branded merchandise. For example, one offers a robust collection of items that donate 5% back to various charities such as Make-a-Wish, American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital for Children, Boys Town, and Shriners Hospital for Children. Another gives a portion of the proceeds to wounded veterans to help them better cope with a new lifestyle, and donates to Homes For Our Troops.

So even when there are just too many charities to sift through, our factories are making it easier than ever to support various charities across the board, just by investing in promotional swag for your company.

Here are highlights from just a few charities that we work with:

A portion of the proceeds of each Basecamp® product sold is donated to support the Warrior Spirit Retreat, a place where Wounded Warriors learn to heal.
The proceeds from 2018 Basecamp® sales allowed one of our factories to present Dan Nevins, Basecamp® Brand Ambassador and founder of the Warrior Spirit Retreat, with over $100,000. Learn more about Dan Nevins (ambassador) and the Warrior Spirit retreat at www.warriorspiritretreat.org/. Pssst….as a triple bonus, some of their products are even made in USA!

Welly donates 3% of all sales to charity: water projects that bring wells and other long-lasting clean water solutions to communities worldwide. Learn more here: https://www.wellybottle.com/pages/mission 










MiiR is the pioneer of the Product to Project™ movement, a business model where every product sold funds trackable giving projects. Its giving projects in the clean water, health and food space address both domestic and international issues. Each product sold comes with a Give Code™ that customers may register to connect with a project and community. Learn more here:  https://www.miir.com/pages/giving


Final thoughts: 

Selecting the right branded merchandise makes it so much easier to give back to a cause, which in turns show your clients that you care about making the world a better place. CSR is a cool thing, and investing in a charitable foundation makes you much cooler…to your employees, to your business partners, and to those that benefit from your dedication.