Apparel items offer so many creative ways to showcase your brand through embellishments (aka decoration techniques), and each individual technique delivers a unique texture.

Texture. Sight and touch. That’s 40% of the senses right there. Most people don’t consciously consider how a texture can influence a positive brand experience – but that’s one of the specialties that makes us different from your average online swag generator. Check out our recent instagram post featuring examples of sensory branding in the promo industry.

“Promotional products are truly the only advertising medium that reaches all five senses.”  – Paul Bellantone, President & CEO, PPAI

Apparel offers a blank canvas with endless graphic application opportunities. Download our quick reference sheet here to view some of the top techniques and how they can impact your design.

Which one of these provides maximum impact for your brand exposure, you ask? It all depends on your desired outcome of each specific project, which is where we can help. For example, by combining two or more of these techniques, you can offer a truly unique brand recognition experience. It’s what we call multi-media or mixed-media, featured as the last item on our guide. Truth be told, it’s never the lowest cost method, but sometimes, it’s well worth the premium cost because of the higher perceived value. Use this method when you want to pull out the big guns.

There are many other fun techniques available – foil imprint, puff, glitter, sugar, gel, rubber, etc. Want creative promotional apparel? We’ve got you covered!