After a week in Las Vegas at the PPAI Expo and lots of research, we’ve locked in our top trends for 2024. From sustainability’s glow-up to the irresistible pull of quiet luxury and the continuous quest for balance in our digital chaos, let’s explore the trends and how we see them translating to branded merchandise.


Redefine isn’t just a trendy word; it’s sustainability’s trusty sidekick! From shirts crafted with recycled polyester to a journal repurposed from old records, redefined products span across every product category. Did you know that sales of sustainably marketed goods are surging at a rate 2.7 times faster than conventional products—proof that people genuinely care. Consumers love that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting sustainable products.

What’s our favorite thing about the redefine trend? Every product has a story to tell. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you an upcycling program. It’s a chance to breathe new life into items like old billboards, banners, and table covers, transforming them into unique, functional promotional products. You provide the materials, and our manufacturer works their magic turning them into a new tote bag or pouch. It’s a win-win for branding and the planet.

Quiet Luxury

Backed by the binge-worthy Succession and fueled by viral TikTok trends, quiet luxury has infiltrated every nook and cranny of fashion and design. It’s all about sleek, minimalist aesthetics that whisper of timeless elegance and elevated basics, skipping past the hassle of passing fads. Even our hard goods are getting in on the action! Check out this classic leather valet tray—crafted right here in the USA with debossed leather and antique nickel snap closures. It’s a timeless gift everyone would want to receive, and it won’t blow your budget. Quiet luxury isn’t just about products—it extends to design too.

Take this tonal water bottle from Owala, hitting the clean design game with colors so smooth, they’ll make your favorite bourbon jealous.


Finding balance in our digital world is like locating a Wi-Fi signal at a remote cabin—challenging yet essential. With gadgets that juggle tasks, and work schedules that blur into playtime, we’re all on a quest for the sweet spot. Enter the balance trend: products designed to bridge the gap between work and play, with a dash of practicality and charm. Consider this trusty duffel bag—perfect for turning a quick work trip into an overnight adventure, allowing you to explore a new city. With 60% of business trips stretching into downtime, this versatile bag becomes an essential companion for the modern business traveler.

Then there’s this custom candle, not just a pretty scent but a silent nod to the importance of ambiance in our home offices. It’s the thoughtful touch that says, “Hey, we care about your work vibe.” In a world where balance is a hot commodity, these products take you one step closer to that perfect blend.

These trends steer us toward a future where sustainability, luxury, and balance share the same dance floor. Embrace the redefined, indulge in a little quiet luxury, and seek out your sweet spot in the chaos of today’s world. With our hand-picked assortment of branded goodies, let’s ride this wave together and make a statement that lasts longer than yesterday’s memes. Shop our trend collection here to snag products that scream trendsetter.