Marketing has always been about targeting the right people at the right time. In this digital era, it’s getting much easier to do since everyone is technically in the same “place” — yep, that would be the world wide web.

The target market is right at your fingertips…literally.

When you think about it, we’ve never had it this easy in marketing. Current technology provides the ability to fine-tune the target market and deliver a specific message to a group of  individuals that have shown previous interest in a product or service.  It’s all available behind the scenes – in intricate algorithms that would blow your mind, but are way to complicated for most of us to understand. In a world of online advertising and virtual social groups, you may be surprised to know that there is an even stronger demand for promotional products than ever before. Digital media is a great way to share a message quickly, but the tangible products are the assets that help to further engage an audience with the message. Each has an individual purpose, but both are even stronger together.

So what’s the plan?

In order to capitalize on digital marketing campaigns, it’s best to create a plan that includes a complimentary blend of digital and tangible solutions – online advertising through social media or targeted ads as well as branded products that will leave a longer-lasting impact for the recipient. Promotional products are voluntarily consumed – and even if it’s not something that really resonates with the person you give it to, research confirms that 63%  will pass the product on to someone else when they are finished.

The fact is, digital methods can spread your message quickly, but a trendy and functional item with a logo on it can solidify that relationship and keep a message front of mind for up to 16 months – bonus points for hand-delivered products, whether handed out at a tradeshow booth, delivered as a thank you gift to a client, or provided during an educational event.

That branded item will stay around a lot longer than a digital ad…and could be a great way to make your brand “instagrammable” — as long as you select the right product for your desired outcome. Our industry hires over 2,000 product experts to research the newest trends and convert them to promotional solutions. Take advantage, and make your brand memorable.