“Experiential Marketing”…you’ve probably heard that buzzword around the water cooler, but what exactly is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing can refer to a few different things – “event marketing,” “on-ground marketing,” and “live marketing.” All of these names have one thing in common – they present a marketing strategy that involves direct participation with the consumer (employees, clients, customers, etc.). The idea behind this strategy is to immerse the consumers in a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression of that brand.

Why invest in experiential marketing? Today, societal norms are changing and people (outside of just millennials) are catching on to the idea that experiences, not things, make you happier. This same notion applies to marketing and advertising. Why just give out a tumbler at a tradeshow when you can set up a coffee bar? Why gift another golf “swag bag” when you can set up a golf glove and shoe fitting? Experiences range from expensive incentive trips to employee holiday parties. Don’t miss the boat, however, and only focus on the experience side. Tying an experience to a branded giveaway combines the power of a positive memory with the instant gratification of a tangible hard good. For help getting the most out of your event or “experience,” check out our free marketing event guide!