In the film Finding Nemo, children learn how the clownfish is immune to the sting of the sea anemone and how they use it as protection from predators. Coincidentally, the anemone is able to breathe better because the clownfish devours leftover fish and algae to keep the space tidy while fluttering it’s fins about and circulating the air and water in the surrounding environment.

One of the most iconic Disney films of all time provides an excellent example of how two different species interact to benefit each other.


Symbiotic mutualism. A relationship that benefits both parties.

Think of it as a partnership built on trust between two different species. It’s almost like…a business relationship.

People work effortlessly with people that they trust.
It’s just human nature, and it takes a lot of time and commitment to earn that trust for some folks – as it should. In order to fully understand how to build a strategic business partnership, it’s critical to know the ultimate vision for both parties.

The initial step is actually taking a long hard look at your own corporate culture to ensure that you’re business practices are built to promote your mission. Then – and only then – can you assess the needs of your clients and develop a plan of action to support their initiatives using your strategic skills in a certain area.


Here are 8 ways to gain and maintain trust within business relationships:

  1. Communicate thoroughly and effectively
  2. LISTEN attentively
  3. Be respectful of your clients’ time
  4. Discover their pain points, and offer solutions
  5. Share your knowledge – without arrogance
  6. Be accommodating to their needs – it’s not all about what you offer, but more about what they need
  7. Overdeliver when possible (without over-promising)
  8. Be positive and kind…always

To put it in perspective, we are a promotional products distributor, but we actually consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ marketing team; a board member with just as much at stake as a top investor; an ambassador specializing in branded merchandise strategies. Every project is different, and our strategy is curated specifically to each individual event. Client relationships are built on the trust that we will provide creative and trendy solutions {more than just products} with respect for their desired outcome, and in a timely manner.

At the same time, our client’s promotional needs encourage us to stay ahead of current trends in retail, keeping us on our toes in a competitive industry where commodity is prevalent and creativity is scarce. Their commitment motivates us to research and discover new ways to offer engaging merchandise that only strengthen our portfolio.

It’s a win-win…and it begins with trust.


“Trust can be earned. It can be lost. And it can be regained.” – Forbes.