Intentionality is the act of being deliberate or purpose-driven. It’s the power to control an outcome because we have the ability to do so. As with everything in life, it’s never going to be perfect, but it’s so much better than shooting blindly.

Marketing strategies and campaigns have always been critical to successful engagement. It’s the only way to touch all of the senses and generate emotions, whether in a close proximity (within the office walls) or from a distance (remote employees or distant clients).

These strategies are even more successful when they are intentional.

Our newest offering stems from several trends we’ve seen develop recently: the need for direct gifting to employees (in the office or remote); the understanding that intentional gifting can create an emotional connection with employees and clients; and the need for streamlined and efficient ordering. 

To make the biggest impact, we must strive to engage from many different angles. Below are a few of the most current intentional marketing strategies and various perspectives within each:


Sales & Marketing

New business development thrives on telling the company story through many different avenues, including branded merchandise. It can be the quickest means to get the value in front of clients and prospects, but the message must be clear and concise, and it must come through in seconds for maximum retention.

Refreshing a brand is a hot trend right now – what a great way to sow the seeds for a fresh perspective next season! Once a new brand is created, it must be introduced in order to build awareness. Ahhh yes, sending a strategic kit full of intentional branded merch is the perfect way to reach everyone.

By now, we all know the power of influencers in social media and also real life. They are the brand ambassadors, so call them out and send the tools they need to help them build and engage a larger squad for the power of your brand.

New product and/or service option = new kit. One of the best ways to introduce a new offering is to target the desired audience with a fun kit to tell the story about the what/where/why/how.


Client Retention

Everyone could use some gratitude – especially the people that have been loyal and connected through the years. Thank you gifts are underrated, and the concept “you shouldn’t have” does not apply here. You should. Period. It just makes sense to thank the ones that keep you in business.

Onboarding – not just for employees. Wait…what? Yeah, we talk about making new hires feel welcome, but that can go for new clients too. We actually have a new client kit planned and ready to go at the drop of a hat. It’s kind of like a subtle reassurance that they made the right choice, no?

We should always be keeping our clients close in thought, and they need to know that. Quarterly touch points can accommodate any budget and any client.

Meetings are still important, and we will still have them regardless of the location. Sending a post-meeting follow-up is sure to leave a positive impression. Do it quick, and by all means, make it intentional.

The holidays are a perfect time for appreciating clients, but it doesn’t just have to be the traditional end-of-year gift. Put a little spooky kit together for a Halloween treat, or something for the transition into Summer fun!


Employee Appreciation

Times have changed, and many team members are still working from home. They need a little bit of connection every now and then – something that a virtual meeting just can’t offer. It can be a little game for the daily zoom meeting, or maybe some desk items to help motivate and encourage.

Exclusive gifts are a great way to recognize years of service for employees that have supported the company over many years. It certainly shows them that you “see” their hard work and dedication. The value of a loyal employee is truly immeasurable.

When onboarding new team members, from temps to interns to full-time employees, first impressions can make or break the first day jitters. For this reason, we’ve been shipping a TON of really cool branded onboarding kits. Remember…the goal is for them to KEEP the items on their desk or person and out of the sparkly clean trash receptacle. This is where intentional and functional products come into play.

Warm fuzzies. Nope…that doesn’t mean we need to go around and hug everyone. But dang it, it’s important to acknowledge each and every cog in the wheel when they go above and beyond, because without them, the machine wouldn’t work properly.
{Pssst…those ‘cogs’ are employees, and the ‘machine’ is the company – you know, just in case you missed it}

Here’s a little secret: employees like to receive holiday gifts too. Think of it as a small gesture that serves multiple purposes like gratitude and appreciation. When you approach it correctly, it can easily become a time-honored tradition that team members look forward to every year.

Now that you’ve read multiple examples of what’s trending in strategic promo, it’s time to see them in action! Click here to experience firsthand how we intentionally tie products into each category above. This shop was specifically created for you to place an order at any time with your branding.