Life is a race.

Stay with us for a moment – we’re not talking strict competition here.

We’re talking about a relay with multiple runners working together to arrive at the finish line as a team.

Part of the beauty of this life is the ability to adjust to the constant ebbs and flows while walking side-by-side with others throughout the journey. It’s inevitable, however, that along the way we will lose our balance a bit, and often times we rely on the strengths of others to help us get back on track – whether that means encouragement to speed up when falling behind, or slowing down a bit to maintain an effective balance as a group.

In a track meet, there are sprinters, and there are distance runners. Some of us are blessed with abundant stamina and the ability to maintain endurance over a long period of time, while others are advantaged with short bursts of energy that provide immediate results.

Neither is necessarily more effective, and there is no need to change to be what we’re not built for – but both are essential.

From a marketing perspective, it takes both sprinters and distance runners to make something impactful and fabulous. It’s the initial big picture vision that kickstarts the ideation gears (through the sprinters), which is then filtered down through all of the collaborative minute details of each project (through the distance runners) that take the vision to the finish line. 

It’s essentially a relay where the two work together to win the same race.

We are blessed to have a variety of both runners on our team – it’s what makes us successful with your branding needs.

You see, our “sprinters” take your big-picture strategic vision and generate super cool merch plans that fit each specific marketing goal. Then our “marathoners” ensure that all of the details are lined up just right for a seamless and effortless production and delivery. 

It’s that simple. It’s like we run the race on your behalf, and you get the gold medal. What could be better than that?