You know those nutritional facts on {most} food and drink packages?

Those don’t include EVERYTHING that we’re eating. Because if they list “polyethylene” (the most commonly used plastic for beverage bottles) or “polystyrene” (aka styrofoam), they probably wouldn’t sell much.

The thing is, the companies providing these food products aren’t intentionally adding plastic to the things we eat. It’s getting added through…nature.

If it’s from nature, it can be labeled as “natural”?

Well, that’s a controversy too big to fit on this blog – so we won’t go there right now.

The point is, plastic never goes away. The pieces just get smaller and smaller as they break up. That’s how it gets in the food we eat, the water we drink, and even the air that we breathe.

At this point, it’s not feasible to get away from plastic entirely – but it’s becoming easier to change our habits by re-using our plastic products rather than trashing them. Not only that, but there are more and more opportunities to use plastic alternatives at home and in the workplace: grocery totes, glass bottles, stainless tumblers, reusable straws, etc.

Intrigued? Check out the video below from WWF. If you’re curious about your plastic diet, you can take a quiz here. After taking the quiz, you can also join them on their mission to get government involved in regulating plastic waste.

* In full disclosure, we produce plastic goods like cups and clicky pens. But we are also very intentional when sourcing these products in order to maximize their functionality – keeping them in use and out of landfills as often and for as long as possible. We also provide the FREE SERVICE of sifting through thousands of products in order to find the best option for each client’s needs – including environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and/or recyclable products. In fact, our industry is built on the premise that most promotional products are recycled by getting passed on to new users over and over again. But it’s easier said than done, unless you’ve got an inside person to assist.
We are your inside person.

Source: World Wide Fund For Nature