Brand confidence is knowing what your business has to offer, how you want to appeal to clients/prospects, and having a strong foundation to deliver solutions. That foundation includes not only tangible elements like business cards, but also internal elements such as reliability, consistency, and dedication. Your brand image is conveyed through many different elements, and every one of those elements ties back to your company image.

Think about your current brand and how it relates to your target market. What value(s) do you offer? How committed are you to providing solutions based on your company’s value proposition? If you’re not confident that you can deliver, your clients are likely to sense it and lose trust. Building a strong foundation of core values – and actually living by them – is a great start to creating and maintaining confidence in your brand. One of our previous blog posts offers an example of how financial services companies can build a unique brand image that exemplifies their desired corporate values.

Show off your brand…..with confidence.


Promotional Products. Tchotchkes. Trinkets. Branded Merchandise. SWAG.

Whatever you call them, they are the products used to represent your brand. If you think that the cheapest clicky pen represents your company values, well we can certainly help with that, but we’d much rather provide you with something that will create excitement while promoting your core values. We prefer to take it up a notch and offer a better quality and more custom option that will actually set you apart from your competitors.

Okay, enough about clicky pens. The point is, you’ve got to have confidence in your own brand, and while purchasing cheap stuff may look good on your budget in the short term, it can actually have a reverse effect on your brand image in the long run. Check out our online store to browse a small hand-picked sampling of how our product focus is different than our commodity competitors.

Challenge: Send us your logo and company value proposition and we can show you how we can boost your brand image through branded merchandise solutions.