QUALITY content.
And yep, QUALITY promo.

This year, business plans are likely the most impacted by two things:

  • tighter budgets
  • a more fine-tuned marketing strategy

Many businesses translate this to mean “cheaper crap“.

Please…for the love of all that is good…don’t make that mistake. Going lean doesn’t mean that we should reduce the quality – it’s actually best to increase the quality for more appeal. We still stand by our top selling Bella+Canvas t-shirts over Gildan, and here’s a reminder of why.

Creativity fits all budgets…so does quality.

Redefining a marketing budget should never mean investing in cheaper promo. It means we need to become way more intentional with the product selection, and ensure that the products in your merchandise collection effectively do their job: conveying the message that your business can solve a problem.

You expect your human employees to maintain maximum productivity and efficiencies – why wouldn’t you expect the same from your branded merchandise assortment. They are, after all, mini non-human employees “onboarded” with the intent to increase your bottom line, no?

We don’t expect everyone to live and breathe swag – that’s what we bring to the table. Together, we can generate a plan to put your promo to work.