If you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS… you’re one in a billion!

No really – there are approximately 4.6 billion active internet users as of July 2020 (nearly 2 billion of which purchase goods online).

Did you know that online sales in the United States grew 55% year over year in July this year, and 42% YOY in August? That’s a significant increase in the number of online shoppers! Even though this growth is strongly attributed to COVID, it was going to happen anyway – 2020 just shoved it into maximum overdrive.


So why is this important?

Because it shows how comfortable everyone is getting with online shopping.Share of Online Spend on Smartphones

This pandemic has forced more people into the world of online shopping as traditional brick-and-mortar stores were required to shut down due to safety concerns.

Even though grocery stores were required to remain open for essential supplies, more buyers opted for BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) – so they were still part of the surge in online shoppers.

The number of people shopping from their smartphones is steadily increasing, too. Right now, about 40% of online purchases are made through a phone. Who would have ever imagined this to be the case just 10 short years ago?!


Your BRAND as a member of the online retail world

Do you buy stuff online?

Considering the stats above, we’re guessing the correct answer here is “Of course I do”.  It’s probably safe to assume that a large majority of your employees and clients shop online as well. That said, it’s easier than ever to offer a “digital” solution to support your business through branded merch.

Here are just a few examples of how our online shops can be used in different markets: 


  • Customer incentive/activation gifts
  • Employee appreciation
  • Apparel/uniforms for employees
  • Warehousing and fulfillment to accommodate multiple locations


  • PPE options
  • Fundraising merchandise
  • Apparel/uniforms for employees
  • Employee appreciation


  • Team member uniforms and name badges
  • Hand sanitizer stand and PPE guest room amenities


  • Safety gear
  • Trade tools
  • Client gifting
  • Signage


  • Online security and safety tools
  • Providing sales tools to a remote workforce
  • Charging devices
  • Employee uniforms and badges


So you’re intrigued…but still wondering how it can solve your problems

Let’s consider the opportunities here…

Someone is offering you a free online store to solve some of your biggest problems right now – all you have to do is buy the merchandise (which you need anyway, and probably buy already).

There really is no reason to NOT jump on this gravy train, especially when you compare it with say, a newspaper ad…or a billboard…or a phone solicitation.

Still not convinced? Check out our Holiday Demo Shop again to see an example of what we can do with these online stores and how it might look to your internal/external teams.

If you want to see an example with your brand, we can do that too…all you have to do is ask!