We continue to monitor the impact of the recently imposed tariffs within the promotional products industry. In the meantime, we will maintain our normal custom overseas importing process while also utilizing our most efficient domestic factories as well.

Speaking of tariffs, what a great time to mention that our best selling t-shirt brand is…

…BELLA+CANVAS – a brand that has been designeddyed, and cut in America for over 25 years. In fact, nearly every part of the manufacturing process is done right here in the USA. There are still occasions where assembly may be handled in one of their Central American locations, but they also assemble right on their cutting floor in Los Angeles, California.

Oh, and they are also a very environmentally friendly business. The plant is powered by the sun (solar panels) and every piece of excess fabric is recycled in some way — meaning zero waste.

So don’t you worry your pretty little heads with apparel tariffs just yet. We’ve got ya covered there, and we can throw in a fun, creative brand awareness graphic to boot!