What do the holidays mean to you? To me, Christmas time means family. It’s warm embraces from relatives you don’t always get to see, delicious food with your favorite people, and creating precious memories.

It’s custom matching dresses for the girl cousins, it’s Christmakkuh celebrations on Christmas Eve complete with wrapping paper ball fights, it’s unwrapping a life-size Barbie and your first puppy, it’s my Nanny’s delicious apple cake.

Growing up, after we were done unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, all the neighborhood kids would come over to my parent’s house for a late breakfast. My mom always prepared a classic favorite – sausage pinwheels alongside bacon, eggs, cheese grits and my Great Aunt Mary Lou’s “Fudgey” Cookies. We would play with new toys and exchange gifts. Over the years, my parent’s front yard went from being littered with new bikes on Christmas morning, to skateboards and scooters to eventually a driveway full of our cars. Slowly, as we got older, moved away or started new traditions, this beloved tradition came to a close. In the last year, I started making my mom’s famous sausage pinwheels and Aunt Mary Lou’s “Fudgey” Cookies to share this tasty bit of nostalgia with new friends.

The team at INM has gathered our favorite holiday cookie recipes, in hopes of sharing a little comfort and joy with you this holiday season. Whatever your holiday traditions are, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!