Business has changed over the past few months.

A lot.

There’s no way to avoid it – the best way to cope is to adapt. Adjust to the changing environment, and take it one day at a time. It’s a novel idea, right?

But what should we expect a month from now? How about 6 months? 9 months?

No one really knows. Nobody has a crystal ball – although that would be a super cool desk accessory.

What we do know is that activities are picking up, and many executives are ready to start pre-planning for future initiatives. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the next phase. Many of our clients are still purchasing masks and sanitizer products, but we’re also seeing requests for items that can be drop-shipped directly to residences, as many are shifting to a more permanently remote workforce. Maybe not for all employees, but a vast majority have accommodated well to working from home.

Here is a breakdown of what we see happening with business now and a few months down the road:

Initial Phase: Proceed with caution
(1-3 months)

This is where most of us fall right now. We expect very slow growth over the next 1-3 months as communities gradually open back up. There will still be social distancing requirements, so a lot of continued investment into PPE (personal protective equipment) as we continue to protect everyone in our employees and patrons.


Second Phase: A new environment
(3-6 months)

Although it’s starting to feel a bit more normal, the adaptation to the new corporate environment will still take a while.

  • Events start slowly picking up. They will look very different from before, and there will be 3 specific types of events (watch our blog for more details, coming soon).
    • Physical events: still maintaining social distancing guidelines
    • Virtual events: all digital
    • Blend of both physical and digital


  • Minimizing communal products
    • More items personalized with names to ensure one user per item (pens, gifts, journals, drinkware, etc)
    • Freebies: no more bulk pens at the front desk – everyone will take one and keep it
    • More antimicrobial features (copper, bamboo, etc)


  • New employees coming on board, and current employees coming back to the office
    • Welcome Kits
    • PPE at your fingertips – personalized


  • Continuing with remote employment. Most of us have figured out how to make it work, so it’s going to linger for quite some time, and in some cases, it will become the new normal.
    • Tech items to stay connected
    • Household items for those spending more and more time at home
    • Gifts for the kids of the house: anything to help keep the kids occupied over the Summer and while parents are still working from home.


Third Phase: Back to Square One
(6-9 months)

The healthcare industry anticipates a second round later this year, and even if there is no sign of the coronavirus, many people in the community will be a bit more anxious than usual throughout the upcoming cold/flu season. The virus may still be present, and could cause elevated respiratory issues during an otherwise normal season.


Hmmm…that sounds a bit like we’re trying to be healthcare professionals.

Make no mistake: we are NOT medically trained, but we ARE forecasting based on recent events and what we have researched together with our factories.


Here are some of the top trending items right now. The demand for these items will pick up again as we approach the Fall/Winter flu and cold season, so keep checking our online PPE shop as we continue to feature the best options available.

  • Touch tools: yeah, they’re also known as kooty keys, but these are tools that can be added to a keychain. They allow a safer means of opening doors, using pinpads, pushing elevator buttons, etc.
  • Hand sanitizers: these have obviously become a rare commodity, but we have various options available from wipes, gel packs, small bottles, 5L refillable bottles, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer stands: ordered with hand sanitizers, there are quite a few options available. We’re finding these popular near entry/exit doors, elevators, near bathroom doors, etc. Some can even be assembled to the wall or simply placed on a counter.
  • Masks and bandanas: from your basic disposable 3-ply to standard cotton to premium full color design mask, these are still a requirement in many communities for general public.

As we continue to stay on top of the changes in business and communities, keep in mind that now is a great time to plan ahead for the future health of your business – and we’re here to help!


* PPE = Personal Protective Equipment.