It’s a proven fact: showcasing your logo on merchandise can positively affect your brand image – just be sure to choose your products wisely and with your corporate vision in mind. Our industry provides extensive research-driven data to prove exactly how the top promo items measure up on making a lasting brand impressions.

Impressions are measured by two things: 

  1. how long a product is owned
  2. how many people see the product when it’s used

Here are some of the top products that generate the highest number of visual impressions:

How about the cost associated with these brand “ambassadors”?


One fleece hoodie might cost about $10.
That hoodie will be worn in public multiple times, generating over 1,000 views over its lifetime.
The cost-per-impression of that hoodie:
One penny.

Wait, there’s more….

There was a minimum purchase required, right? Let’s say 24 hoodies.
That’s a cost of $240 —- leading to 24,000 impressions.

When the recipient is done with said hoodie, it usually gets donated…
and the cycle continues.

That hoodie right there? That was a wise investment.