Have you ever received a gift from an employer that was underwhelming, or one where your first thought was… “Wow, you really, REALLY shouldn’t have.” If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you know what I’m talking about. Now don’t get me wrong, some organizations do gifting really well. (Mostly because they rely on experts like INM to help!) But that’s the exception, not the norm. The fact of the matter is that a lot of companies don’t put much thought into employee gifting, and it shows. Whether it’s limited staff resources, or a limited budget, employee gifting is often an afterthought.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Even with, limited resources, companies can show their employees thoughtful appreciation with gifts that have a purpose. This is becoming increasingly important in today’s economic environment. The last thing companies want is employees chattering about (and they will chatter) why the company is spending money on gifts that only hit the target for a handful of its demographic.  I’m not saying you can please everyone, but it becomes harder to find fault with gifts that have a mission behind them.

Regardless of your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, incorporating gifts that give back into your holiday gifting programs is an easy way to show employees (and clients) that you not only appreciate them, but you also care about the environment around them. And environment here means more than saving the planet – though that’s a great cause – it expands to touch every aspect of their surroundings, including the well-being of the people and places around them. This year as you start thinking about holiday gifting, why not include some gifts that truly keep on giving.  Be deliberate in your messaging, so employees and clients know the why behind the gift you selected. If the thought behind the gift is what truly counts, it’s important to communicate that purposeful thought. Tell your recipients they are not just getting another branded item, but a carefully curated gift that has a purpose beyond its usefulness. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favorites:




Refresh Glass re-uses wine bottles, keeping them out of landfills, and turns them into personalized glassware that’s both functional and beautiful. Whether you are looking for cocktail glasses, drinking glasses, a carafe or fun planters and vases, Refresh Glass has great options at varying price points. Check out this quick video to learn more about the Refresh Glass rescue and transformation process.




We all love a good blanket, and this upcycled throw blanket made from recycled cotton is the perfect size to share. This throw feature hand-knotted tassels and folds down to the perfect size for tossing in a beach bag or backpack. Through a partnership with 1% for the planet, 1% percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits. Watch this video to hear about the positive impact of Tentree.




Hip packs and sling bags are everywhere, and we love this brand and its Gear for Good™ mission. Cotapaxi concentrates its efforts to empower communities in the Americas, focusing on healthcare, education, and livelihood. We like this bag as each one has a unique color combination so no two are just alike. This is perfect for office gifting when everyone is getting the same thing, but since each one is different, everyone is surprised!



I could go on and on with my favorites, but I would rather help you find yours.  Together let’s find the perfect gift that keeps on giving this holiday season!