There is a ton of uncertainty and turmoil in our society these days, so it’s no wonder we need a little bit of positivity in our lives. Actually – it probably wouldn’t hurt to incorporate a little F.U.N. on the daily right now.

Yes – that goes for your marketing plan as well.

How do you bring a smile and make an impact on all of those people that you work with during normal office hours? We’re not talking about just clients and customers – this also goes for employees and colleagues that are basically your family 40-ish hours a week for about 50 weeks of the year.

That’s a lot of time, folks. A lot of time to allow the air to become pungent and stale.

Stay with me…

An environment can become stagnant really quick. You’ve gotta break up the mundane and really bring some pep back into the office – just don’t forget to engage both internal and external brand ambassadors (aka clients AND employees).

At its core, experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers in live experiences. ~ Eventbrite.

Experiential marketing is also known as “event marketing” or “live marketing.” No matter what term is used, the overall concept incorporates a marketing strategy that involves direct participation with the consumer (employees, clients, customers, etc.). The idea behind this strategy is to immerse the consumers in a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression of that brand.

Why invest in experiential marketing?

Today, societal norms are changing and people are catching on to the idea that experiences – not things – provide happiness. This same notion applies to marketing and advertising. Why just give out a tumbler at a tradeshow when you can set up a coffee bar? Why gift another bag of wooden golf tees when you can set up a golf glove and shoe fitting? Experiences range from expensive incentive trips to employee holiday parties. Don’t miss the boat by just focusing on the experience side. Tying an experience to a branded giveaway combines the power of a positive memory with the instant gratification of a tangible hard good.

Here are 10 ways financial advisors can create a memorable client experience

More and more, people are looking for positive environments to lift their spirits. Take the initiative and use some of those budgeted marketing funds to create an experiential event that will showcase your company in a joyful way. Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide some of the best methods for curating a brand experience, and how some of our clients have found success with their brand through this hands-on approach.

A look ahead: stay tuned for an in-depth look into how we teamed up with one of our top healthcare clients to create an unforgettable holiday appreciation pop-up shop experience.