Ever ask the waiter which menu item they recommend? More often than not, they know the entire menu selection, and have tried most of them. There would likely be variation in the response between staff, but it’s still a very common practice to ask the “experts” for advice.

Well this is just like that…but different. We thought you might want to know which promo items are our favorites.

It changes frequently because new stuff is always happening.

Collectively, our team has over 175 years of experience in the branded merchandise industry – so yeah, we like to think that we’ve literally seen it all. Yet, we still get excited about “stuff” – some of us more than others…(ahem).

Here are our favorites…for now. Oh, and some employee names will link to their page on our online store. Feel free to look around.



I’m loving the vacuum sealed camp mugs. I like the Miir one best because of the money they give back.camper mug gives back



One of my faves is this cheese board set because I love entertaining and bringing family and friends together. It also makes a nice corporate gift…good quality, functional, includes multiple serving pieces, and offers a good branding space.

lazy susan promotional serving tray


There are so many wireless charging devices right now, but my favorite is probably the Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad because it is multi-functional.



The Prontimus Wireless Charging Stand. It has a full digital print on the front and charges great! I just did one of these for {her husband’s name has been removed to protect his privacy} to use at his booth space and he loved it. And now he uses it as his charger on his nightstand at night haha. This would be a great employee gift!



I love the Toddy Wedge.  I think they stay on a desk for years because they are not only useful for your phone but can clean your screens.  They also have great customization options by using full color graphics and being able to pick the color of the screen cleaner material.  Overall it is just a great promo item that does not kill a budget and something people will use and keep for years so the they see the branding message every day.


Corkcicle Canteen. I love it because it’s a great water bottle or adult beverage holder.  Love that Corkcicle is such a recognizable retail brand, and I love their clean and sleek design.

wine or water bottle


The drinkware.  (Of course the drinkware, lol!)  Everyone loves a good tumbler and they are always excited to get one.


She’s right, folks. Everyone has a favorite travel tumbler and coffee mug.

We love sharing our favorites, and our favorites are always changing as we find fun new branding opps for our clients. It’s our passion to shop for you, so take full advantage!

Feel free to reach out if you would like more information on any of these items or have additional questions. Don’t forget to sign up to receive monthly blog updates for more of these in the future!

Until next time…..