Let’s be honest. Our industry is awash in companies racing to the bottom, selling the same old stuff, and positioning their value on price alone.  So when we start our discovery process with a new client, we have to be able to clearly answer the question “Why should we work with you?”.  So, since we have your attention, we thought we’d provide you with a segment to address some of those conversations and communicate how to create a brand image that is relevant to your corporate marketing goals.

Here’s a tip: it’s not just about product…

“I already have a source for promotional products”

Great. We’re glad you have “a guy” or “a gal”.  We actually love it, as it means you have already determined the value of branded merchandise. Some of those other companies are really good at what they do. In fact, some of our best friends are our “competitors”. But, there is always a chance you’re not getting what you need for your brand or campaign, so we focus on filling a specific niche.

Our niche? Creativity. We can quite literally knock your socks off!


“It’s too hard to look for a new supplier”

We get it. Time is our most valuable commodity, and when it comes to looking for a new supplier – learning their approach, communication styles and workflow process – we generally just want to go with what we know.  But as Wes Fesler noted, “One can rarely achieve greatness going down the path of least resistance”.  All suppliers are different, and while some offer the lowest prices, we strive to be an actual extension of your internal Marketing team. Our job is to make your job easier, and to develop products that help your brand stand out among others and make you look like a star in the process.


“I found the same item at a lower price online”

That’s very possible – lots of online companies offer tons of products but then they skip the personal service…and the compliance…and the follow-up. We have found that we’re not always the cheapest, but we feel we offer the best return on investment with the all-inclusive services that we provide – merchandise suggestions, full customization, tracking, etc. The last thing we want to be is transactional in this era of Amazon global domination.


“Another vendor had the exact product that I want”

We hear this a lot. Look, the truth is, all suppliers have access to the same factories and products for the most part. There are very few suppliers that research the latest trends. This research leads us to offer unique alternative product options that are retail-inspired, kitted with other items, or even personalized with a hangtag with a corporate message for that added value.


“I already know what I want”

We love when there is already a plan in place. Just find a supplier that will supplement that plan
and blow you away with their creative concepts! Providing lemonade at a summer picnic? We suggest a custom popsicle in the shape of your logo with a custom refrigerated cart. Having an 8-hour sales meeting? How about a full color power bank in a custom wrapper that looks like a power bar to keep them energized {charged} all day long?

See where we’re going here?


“I just want something simple and inexpensive”

We totally get it, and believe it or not, there is definitely room to create buzz on a budget. For us, promo is everything – all day, every day. We source for many different demographics, so we strive to offer the best bang for your buck. The ultimate goal here is to show off your brand through merchandise that engages your recipients. Make it fun, and let the merchandise pros help your brand stand out over your competitors.

In a nutshell, we thrive on creativity. Cheap just isn’t our thing. We’re not always the lowest price, and we’re okay with that. We also won’t be offended if you find something cheaper somewhere else. But we thought you’d like to know why we aren’t going to match the $.89 coffee mug you found online.

We provide a service above and beyond just placing an order. It begins with sourcing merchandise for you. Let’s face it, you probably don’t have the time to do all the research to make your brand top notch. We do. In fact, that’s all we do…every day. That’s our job — to make you look better than your competitors.

What we offer is to remove the pressures of the process – from conception to delivery. We design. We proof it even before you do. We work with the factory on all vital details…on your behalf. We make it yours.

This is us. If we’re for you, we’re for you. If we’re not, we’re not.