We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new video series, Client Corner, where our Director of Business Development, Amber Kotschi, will interview our clients to share their insights and expertise with our community.  Our first video features Hannah Seliskar, the Director of Campus Recruiting at Credera.

Culture is a crucial element of any organization, and it is what sets successful companies apart from their competitors. In this video, Hannah discusses how culture at Credera starts at the very first touch point in the talent acquisition process. Credera invests heavily in the talent acquisition process, ensuring they attract individuals who align with their core values and culture.

Credera’s four core values are respect, integrity, excellence, and people first. These values guide every aspect of the company, from hiring and employee development to decision-making. By aligning core values with culture, Credera has created an environment of trust and kindness, where employees thrive.

Credera’s people first mentality has been rewarded with numerous awards for its culture and employee satisfaction. This success has allowed Credera to attract new clients and retain top talent, leading to continued growth and expansion.

INM has the honor of collaborating with Credera on their annual summer intern welcome gifts. Last year, we created a custom kit containing a hat, personalized jersey, and high-quality earbuds. Each intern was then sent a personalized welcome video from their future leader, which was housed on a custom-built YouTube channel. These personalized videos make a lasting impression. In fact, Credera’s intern return rate is 70-75%, compared to an industry average of 60%.

We’re grateful to Hannah for sharing her insights in our inaugural Client Corner video. Stay tuned for more valuable perspectives from our talented clients.