Big 12 Student Athlete Go Pro Kit

Each year, the Big 12 Conference recognizes their student-athletes with a participation gift. Given the loads of swag some of the athletes get during their respective seasons, they demand a high level of desirability and creativity for this program. I mean, who could possibly have a use for two pairs of Beats headphones?

Keeping it fresh.

For the last three years, we’ve been able to creatively win their collective hearts with the ideas we’ve presented. From tech, to bags, to headwear and more—it has to change up each season to stay on trend and fit with the 18-22 year old demographic. Additionally, we inventory the entire shipment in our Dallas warehouse, and then kit and drop-ship directly to Big 12 universities multiple times per year, based on what sport is in season at that time.

In my 20+ year career I have seen many vendors come and go, but INM Marketing Group has been my go-to partner for innovative branding and promo items from the beginning.

Students loved it.

This is truly one of the most rewarding projects in terms of being given a blank slate to see what we can come up with. In a recent year, we were able to custom produce personal HD camera kits, all packed in carry cases that were branded for each university. The response was overwhelming from students and administrators alike.

All great brands tell a story. We help you share it.

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