We know everyone has experienced different scenarios at home over the past few months as we hunker down, so we wanted to share a bit of inspiration from one of our team members and how she found a good balance for her family – including an exercise routine.

Before we dive into her journey, take a quick peek at our suggestions for empowering and encouraging your employees to keep moving and stay healthy, while simultaneously earning you goodwill towards your brand. Let’s chat about how we can curate custom boxes and ship to your employee residences.

Here’s LeighAnne’s story:

I actually really enjoyed the stay at home order that was set in place for Texas in the middle of March. While it was challenging to figure out how set up remote offices for two adults in an 1,800 square foot house, figure out how to teach a 2nd grader from a small iPad and figure out how to bake without yeast or eggs, it was actually a really great time in our family. We rode bikes and discovered beautiful trails in our urban neighborhood, cooked at home and challenged ourselves in ways we never would have (need some sourdough starter? I’ve got you covered.)

It was also just what I needed to get back into an exercise routine. I had no excuses..

A friend told me about the Peloton app and how there’s plenty of content for people who don’t have the bike, so I downloaded the app. I wasn’t the only one who joined Peloton either…their memberships increased 5 times more in March than in February. Since then, I’ve pretty consistently stuck to the following morning schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Yoga
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Outdoor Running

I’ve also purchased the following products (thank you Amazon!) since starting this schedule: yoga pants, yoga blocks, massage ball, socks, pepper spray, running belt, and wireless ear buds. Oh, and I bought an outdoor bicycle so I could ride with my son when we deemed the school day over at 1 p.m. (Don’t worry, I nominated myself for teacher of the year.) I got my bike at a good time too – they’ve been selling out across the country.

So, I’m sure you’re saying “Get to the point, LeighAnne”. Well, the point is, even if your employees are returning to the office to work or if they are continuing to work from home, they are likely part of the population that is contributing to the 170% growth in fitness equipment sales during our Coronavirus lockdown. Employees feel valued when you meet them where they are – even if that means on their living room floor doing yoga surrounded by Lego and Nerf gun bullets, hypothetically speaking. What better a way to show them you support them and their healthy lifestyle, by sending them the equipment and supplies they need to continue to work out at home. And, they likely will continue their workout at home path since traditional gyms are going to have a hard time rebounding. Healthy employees are happy and productive employees.




Tell us what exercises you’ve been doing during the lockdown for a chance to win a super cool, rad bike of your own!
We’ve come to affectionately call her “Farrah”…