Have you checked out our last conversation about Talent Acquisition and the importance of a strategic and holistic strategy? Here we want to add some color and specific examples to that post. To help us illustrate an effective Talent Acquisition plan further, we’re going to use the help of our good friends and client, Credera.  Credera is a global boutique consulting firm based in Dallas.  Over the past several years, Credera has earned awards like Top Internship Program, Best Workplaces for Millennials, #1 Best Workplace in Texas, and Top Workplaces USA. As you can tell by their widespread recognition, Credera is leading the charge when it comes to a strategic and engaging talent acquisition process. When you are engaging clients, speaking to your mission, and creating a unique and inclusive culture from the very beginning, it creates an environment where employees can thrive, therefore boosting sales and decreasing retention.

“How are they doing this?” you might ask. Great question, let’s share some examples of ways INM has partnered with them to infuse promo into the four areas of Talent Acquisition:



Recruiting – As you can see from the photo, a key step in creating a holistic program is brand consistency which is carried over from their recruiting displays and signage to their new offer boxes. In addition, INM has worked with Credera to ensure the items being given away at recruiting and career fairs represent the Credera brand and culture while also being relevant to the specific demographic.




Internships – In the same way Credera believes in the importance of welcoming new employees, they understand that happy interns can turn into loyal and happy employees. Their interns are welcomed in a fun and personalized way that immediately infuses them into the engaging culture of Credera.




Job Offer Kit – Did you know that companies who commit to an extended onboarding experience accelerate new hire proficiency by 34%? We certainly believe Credera’s extended talent acquisition program is a great example of that.




Onboarding – While Credera’s onboarding program extends beyond a single kit, we all know that tangible gifts have the ability to create an emotional connection. By giving items that are useable, specific to their culture, and unique, they’re reinforcing each new employees decision to choose them and teeing up the employee to be an engaged, loyal, contributor to their work force.


Creating a streamlined plan to engage and capture prospective employees is one of the most fundamental ways to decrease retention and set employees up for success!  Reach out to INM for help infusing intentional promo in your talent acquisition promo.