Online Store: The Traditional Model

The Traditional Model is our classic online e-commerce solution for those who need to offer branded merchandise to team members in a quick and efficient manner. Branded inventory is stored in our warehouse and fulfilled as individual orders are placed.

This model allows for additional features like departmental budgets, coupons/gift cards, user permissions, and integrated real-time shipping costs. It is best for long-term programs with a collection of 10 or more individual items. Check out a case study example of this store here. (link to Corgan)

How it works

  1. Merchandise Selection: we learn your specific needs and build a merchandise collection that best represents your brand and mission
  2. Inventory Ordered: merchandise is produced and stocked in our warehouse
  3. Site Build: the custom site is created around your specific needs – we will facilitate all graphics and design, or we can do a completely custom design to help mirror your own website
  4. Stock Up: selected merchandise is ordered and stocked in our warehouse
  5. Launch: the site is launched!
  6. Inventory Management: orders are fulfilled on an individual basis as they come in.
  7. Robust reporting: inventory and sales reports are provided as needed
  8. Refresh: merchandise is usually refreshed 1-2 times each year



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