Many are wondering it: how much longer will face coverings be around?

Our forecast: at least through 2021, and here’s why.

Eventually, face-to-face visits will start to pick up. But as we get out and start meeting in person again, let’s not forget to remain empathetic to the people that you’re visiting. They have their own comfort levels and experiences with the virus, and they may be quite different than yours.

Now is a good time to consider incorporating colorful office COVID wristbands. Think of them like traffic signals: red means “6 feet please”, yellow is “I’m okay with elbow bump greetings”, and green means “we don’t shake, we hug!”

If you’re opening your doors to visitors again, everyone in the office can choose a band color that represents their comfort level. Visitors can choose one at the front desk as well, but if they’re visiting, it might be safe to assume that they are a yellow or green. 

Let’s continue to be respectful of each other’s COVID boundaries: both work space and personal space.

Don’t forget branded masks. Industry research proves that they are a top functional brand awareness medium.

80% of consumers wear masks all or most of the time when in public.

When it comes to logoed masks, 71% of consumers would wear theirs at least once a week. 

They also generate 4,235 impressions over their lifetime, with 52% of consumers saying they would keep a logoed mask for more than three months.

Most of the client kits that we’ve developed over the past year have included a branded mask. There are many more options now than at the beginning of the pandemic. Simply send us your wish list and we’ll build the merchandise assortment for you – while you take the credit with your team.