An in-depth process.

We’re consultants, not order takers. Our in-depth process allows us to understand our clients by learning their needs, core values, culture, wants and vision for each project. With that insight, we develop creative solutions using branded product that will intentionally address each of these topics in order to enhance the client brand and its value—solutions you generally won’t see anywhere else.

Discovery: this is where it all begins.

We take a consultative approach with each client by understanding their vision, goals, pain points and more. No two clients are alike, so we approach each opportunity with a fresh set of eyes and a blank canvas.

Ideation: thinking creatively.

After we learn your specific needs, we break out into smaller collaborative groups to create potential solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs and that tie in directly with your culture and end goals.

Hint: it usually doesn’t include clicky pens.

Development: details, details, details.

As a team, we make sure the project stays on track, meets all previously discussed expectations and basically over-communicate to our clients throughout the process, so there are no surprises. No one likes surprises...unless it’s a birthday party. That’s actually pretty fun.

Implementation: almost done...but not quite.

We will not only ensure timely delivery of the project but will also work to help implement the vision and the deliverables in a way that ensures all goals are achieved, end clients are engaged, and return is maximized in a way you never realized was possible with branded merchandise. Then we all go celebrate at Happy Hour.

We have not been disappointed in the past and will continue to order INM Marketing's great products. Thanks to the entire team and keep up the good work!

Solutions to enhance your branding strategy.


We firmly believe that branded merchandise is one of the most effective advertising methods, and as such, should be treated with as much consideration and strategy as you would a print or digital campaign.


Our goal is to help you find that one apparel item that is going to be the favorite. We can also help with custom uniform design, warehousing and fulfillment.


Whether inventory is stocked and fulfilled on a designated basis or products are ordered on-demand for various uses and events, we can create the perfect online store set up for your individual needs.


First impressions are everything. Because of this, packaging and presentation is critical. When the project permits, we have the ability to weave in our packaging production facilities to add that “wow” factor to the client campaigns. And, we can even kit it for you.


When we throw out the term “custom”, we truly mean a “one of a kind, nothing else like it” promotional concept. When time allows, we’re able to bring in our overseas production partners, which affords enhanced customization plus a cost savings too. And no worries, we audit each of our factories, to ensure they are socially compliant.

All great brands tell a story. We help you share it.

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