Online Store: The Pop Up Model

Seasonal or short-term campaigns are a great opportunity to utilize our Pop Up model, which offers an ordering “window” that allows your designated buyers to place an order for pre-approved merchandise during a 2-3 week period.

This option minimizes inventory risk because it does not require inventory up front. Selected users can order online during the pre-authorized ordering window. Once the orders are all in, they are combined into one production order.

This option is great for short-term promotions like golf tournaments and holiday gifting programs.

“Can I keep my ordering window open longer than 2-3 weeks?”

So that’s a common question, and the answer is…nope.
Eh, that sounds a bit harsh – how about we don’t recommend it.

It’s a very valid question, but why don’t we recommend it?
Because it takes at least 2 weeks to produce the goods after the ordering window closes – and the buyer that places an order on launch day usually doesn’t want to wait 30+ days to get the goods.
Make sense? It’s kind of a trade-off: the inventory risk is LOW but it takes a bit longer to deliver.

Check out a case study example of this store here.

How it works

  1. Merchandise Selection: we learn your specific needs and help to build a merchandise collection that best represents your brand and mission
  2. Site Build: the site is developed based on a standard web design template at no additional cost
  3. Launch: the site is launched, the ordering window opens and will close within 2-3 weeks from this date
  4. Ordering Window Closes: the website URL expires and the orders are complete
  5. Order Collection: we collect all orders and order merchandise in bulk and put into production
  6. Order Fulfillment: once production is complete, we fulfill and ship each order to deliver as designated on each individual request.


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