Less Business…More Personal

With the holidays officially in full swing, let’s chat real quick about corporate gifting etiquette.

Here are some gifting tips for 2020:

DO: Add recipient names to gift items when possible. If you can pull a list of recipient names up front, take advantage of that ability. It will add a touch of personalization and help the recipient know that the gift was specifically for them.

DON’T: Make your branded logo the focal point. The holidays are more about making the recipient feel appreciated – not maximum brand exposure.

DO: Consider functionality. Unless it’s a commemorative holiday item, it’s a great idea to have something that is useful to the recipient.  This could mean drinkware, for the kitchen, for the work area, for outdoor entertainment, etc.

DON’T: Ship it to the main office. There is likely a lot of back and forth between home and office, some of which are still fully remote.

DO: Utilize an online web page to collect alternate mailing addresses for employee gifting. Meet them where they are. If you need help with this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

DON’T: Bargain shop. There is a time and place for cheap swag – holiday gifts are not it. For the record, we highly recommend quality over low-budget for all branded merch, but especially for gifting. It’s a common misconception that quality is out of budget, but that couldn’t be further from the truth: you just have to know the right people that can help you source.

DO: Select gift options that give back to those in need. No, that doesn’t mean you send a card suggesting donations to “The Human Fund” (any Seinfeld fans out there will understand). There are branded merchandise options that give back for each purchase: e.g clean water for third world countries, providing work to low-income regions, providing support to wounded vets, etc.

DON’T: Wait until the last minute to plan and order. Timing is everything, from placing your order to recipient delivery. Under normal circumstances, production fills up at the beginning of December, but considering it’s 2020…you’ll want to get your orders in ASAP.


All things considered, gifting means more when it comes from the heart. Make it authentically personal…and send it to wherever they are sure to receive it.

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