In our latest Client Corner interview, INM Director of Business Development, Amber Kotschi, explores the remarkable journey of Elizabeth Pierce, Chief Marketing Officer at Corgan, an international commercial interior design and architecture firm based in Dallas, Texas. Discover the fascinating insights into Corgan’s growth, the significance of agility and design in their brand promise, and the strategic role of promotional merchandise in their marketing strategy.

A Journey of Growth

Elizabeth’s tenure at Corgan spans an impressive 12 years, during which she witnessed the firm’s remarkable expansion. Starting with a team of 210, Corgan has grown exponentially, surpassing 900 employees. Elizabeth’s leadership played a pivotal role in shaping the marketing department, which has grown from just five members to a dynamic team of 23. This journey showcases Corgan’s commitment to specialization and expertise, empowering individuals to focus on their passions and become true masters of their craft.

Agility and Design

Corgan’s brand promise centers around agility and design, distinguishing them as a unique player in the industry. Through an extensive brand repositioning process that commenced in 2017 and culminated in 2019, Corgan discovered that their ability to swiftly adapt, akin to a small firm, was a defining factor for their clients. The test of their brand promise came during the challenging times of the pandemic when Corgan showcased its resilience and ability to pivot quickly. Elizabeth reveals how their proactive approach and flexibility enabled them to stay true to their brand promise and successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape.

The Impact of Promotional Merchandise in Corgan’s Marketing Strategy

For nearly a decade, INM has provided Corgan promotional merchandise that has played a crucial role in both internal and external engagements. Internally, merch has become a way for employees to connect with Corgan’s brand and values. Externally, they have served as thoughtful gifts for clients and valuable tools for business development. Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of selecting merchandise that aligns with Corgan’s values, placing a strong emphasis on high design, sustainability, quality, and functionality.

Memorable Projects

Elizabeth shares two standout examples that demonstrate the impact of strategic promotional campaigns. Corgan’s 85th-anniversary celebration presented an opportunity to create an online store for employees that fostered a sense of celebration and gratitude. By offering a range of carefully curated items, Corgan ensured that each employee could choose something meaningful and functional to them. Furthermore, Elizabeth highlights a low-budget campaign during Employee Ownership Month. The creative use of customized coffee mugs with clever messaging effectively educated and acknowledged employees as valued owners of the company, creating a lasting impact

Tips for Strategic and Efficient Marketing Plan

Elizabeth graciously imparts her advice to fellow marketers seeking to develop more strategic and efficient plans. She emphasizes the concept of progress over perfection, recognizing the value and impact of projects even when they may not be flawless. Elizabeth urges marketers to prioritize authenticity and stay true to their business and audience rather than chasing trends and buzzwords. By focusing on what resonates with their target audience, marketers can forge genuine connections and drive meaningful engagement.

Elizabeth Pierce’s journey as Chief Marketing Officer at Corgan exemplifies the power of growth, agility, and strategic marketing. Through her leadership, Corgan has navigated impressive expansion, remained true to their brand promise of agility and design, and harnessed the potential of promotional merchandise in their marketing efforts. Elizabeth’s insights and advice serve as a guiding light for marketers aiming to build robust, efficient, and impactful strategies. As we celebrate Corgan’s nine years of partnership, we eagerly anticipate the continued success and exciting opportunities that lie ahead for both INM and Corgan. Here’s to an extraordinary journey and the promise of many more remarkable years to come!