TILL Vodka/Sporting Kansas City Ice Mold

TILL vodka is a premium vodka that partners with a local MLS club. During their partner activations in previous years, they would pass out basic promo items like cups, hats and t-shirts. These are all fine and good, but for a premium brand that was partnering with a forward thinking team, there was an opportunity to take it up a notch.

Creating a unique product.

This year, they wanted to make an impact and asked us to help. We took the brand guidelines, the product and the target demographic (people who like to drink good vodka) and came up with a super unique idea: a custom soccer ball ice mold.

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But wait, there’s more.

The silicone case was printed around the entire base, to replicate the wheat fields on their bottle. Then, the ice mold inside was created to replicate a soccer ball with the TILL logo as part of that mold, in one of the panels.

Unique, high quality, sought-after and functional.

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