During the global Covid-19 pandemic, Funimation wanted to reach out to their employees across the world to let them know they are valued and appreciated.

Sending FUN around the world.

The client identified a budget and knew they wanted a fashion mask to be included, but needed help on the further ideation. Their culture is fun and trendy, so we were able to use the given budget and offer suggestions that fit their company values.

It's so beautiful to see the impact something as simple as a surprise in the mail can do for people at home during these times. The feedback has been amazing, and our HR and senior managment teams have been bombarded with thank you emails. Thank you very much for partnering with me on this and guiding me through any challenges.

Smiles for miles.

International shipping restrictions required us to source two unique kits - one for the domestic employees and a slightly different version for the international employees. Both kits contained fun products that reflect the company's culture and would be well received by any employee.

The kits were fulfilled at INM and shipped in a custom mailer box with an insert card to each employee's home address.

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